Apple’s iPhone 9/SE Keeps Popping Up Online and at Verizon

For the last few days, Apple’s iPhone 9/SE, which, according to sources, is rumored keeps appearing at strange places. South Korea was advertising pre-orders for the latest version iPhone 9, earlier this year.

The appearance of the iPhone in the sites

The iPhone 9 has reportedly appeared in two sites as of now. One is the Chinese trader, which has an online site-, and the other one is Verizon. has a page which has the teaser and details about the iPhone. It was hinted at in the previous rumors. The page has the necessary information about the iPhone.

There wasn’t any new information that is notable about the new iPhone. This page at the site can be based on the rumors. It was noticed that the new iPhone made an appearance on the online website of Apple last week. According to Jon Prosser, the well – known Apple leaker, the iPhone is there as an eligible smartphone for the phone trade-in list of the company.

iPhone 9 launch Approaching.

According to rumors, Apple is on the verge of introducing a new iPhone. The stories say that Jon Prosser claims that Apple would announce iPhone SE 2 on the 15th of April, 2020, to ship it to all the customers on the 25th of April, 2020.

Specifications of the iPhone.

The iPhone will have a 3GB RAM and storage capacities from 64GB to 256 GB. There will be an A13 processor and a 4.7 inches display. The price of the iPhone 9 can be $399. The company might call it an iPhone SE 2. Click here to know everything about Apple iPhone SE 2.


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