Apple Watch Stuck On Apple Logo: Fixed

Apple Watch Stuck On Apple Logo: Fixed

The Apple Watch is a fantastic wearable designed by Apple. It is a handy device that, despite being so tiny, performs a plethora of functions. It lets you control your music, click a picture, write a quick message, to name a few of its capabilities.

But, just like any other tech gadget, you might have some issues with your Apple Watch. Many people have complained about the Apple logo stuck on Apple Watch issue. This is a tiny issue, but it freezes your wearable and prevents you from doing anything. Many users do not know that this could be fixed through simple methods.

We have compiled a list of solutions to the Apple logo stuck on Apple Watch problem, but before that, it is essential to know what the issue is exactly.

What exactly is the Apple logo stuck on Apple Watch issue?

Your Apple Watch’s screen may occasionally become locked on the Apple logo. It was likewise surrounded by a circle that had been stationary for several minutes.

This circle was created by combining numerous small lines, similar to when you sync your iPhone with your Watch.

To resolve this, reboot the Apple Watch. After rebooting, it might prompt for the password and show the same display with the frozen Apple icon and the static motion circle encircling the logo.

You may encounter a circumstance in which you restart several times, but the same thing happens again and again.

Fortunately, you can handle this issue and get rid of this aggravation with sophisticated methods.

Here are some things you may do to get your Apple Watch to stop flashing the Apple logo.

We’ve also listed several other techniques that could fix this in some conditions but would be ineffective in others.

You should begin with the most fundamental remedies. If they fix your problem, that’s fantastic.

However, if these do not function for you, you may delete and reset the watch; that will almost surely work.

7 Ways to fix the Apple watch stuck on Apple Logo issue.

1. Disable VoiceOver.

This solution is worth a shot to fix the Apple watch stuck on Apple logo.

  • Ensure the frozen Apple Watch is close to the iPhone and that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both turned on.
  • Run the Watch application on your iPhone and choose Accessibility from the My Watch tab.
  • Ensure the modifier keys for VoiceOver and Display Shutter are turned off by tapping VoiceOver.
  • Come back to the preceding display and, on the lower side, touch Accessibility Shortcut. From here, ensure that no option has a tick next to them.

voiceover 1 Apple Watch Stuck On Apple Logo

2. Unpair your Watch and try again.

If you face the Apple watch stuck on Apple logo issue, you should try to disconnect your watch and then try to connect it to your iPhone again. Steps to do so are:

unpair apple watch to fix Apple Watch Stuck On Apple Logo

  • Hold down the side key of the Apple Watch until the logo appears on the screen.
  • When you place your iPhone near your Apple Watch, the connecting page will open on your iPhone. Continue by tapping the button. You may also launch the Watch application on your device and choose to Pair New Watch.
  • When asked, position your Watch beneath your iPhone such that the screen of your watch is viewable in the viewfinder on the mobile display. A confirmation message will appear after the devices have been linked.

pair apple watch again

  • If you have previously linked another watch with your iPhone, you will see a window prompting you to recover your device from a backup or establish it as a new watch. Select the appropriate option.
  • Now, decide whether you wish to put the Apple Watch on your left or right wrist and accept the terms and restrictions. If you do not want to use your Apple ID, you can skip this step.
  • Create a passcode if desired, and then choose whether you want your Apple Watch to upgradation to be automatic or manual. Please keep in mind that if you wish to utilize Apple Pay, you should first create a passcode.

add apple watch passcode

  • Then, press the continue button. When pairing, you may choose to install all applications or wait to install only the apps you wish. Of course, you may easily remove specific programs afterward.

pairing completed

Now, wait for some time for the setup to finish. Your Apple Watch will be paired again.

3. Use Find My service.

Apple provides a Find My Device feature through which you can find any device connected to your Apple ecosystem.

If you face the Apple watch stuck on Apple logo problem, this can be a potential solution. If your Apple Watch has frozen, this will make your Apple Watch responsive.

Things to keep in mind before using this:

  • Maintain physical proximity between the iPhone as well as your Apple Watch with the sticky Apple logo.
  • Activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone by navigating through the Settings. You can verify this by visiting the iOS Command Center and making sure both symbols are blue.

Then, to remove the stuck Apple logo from the Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Watch software on a linked iPhone and choose My Watch.
  • Choose All Watches in the upper-left corner.
  • Touch the I next to your watch’s name.
  • Then, select Find My Apple Watch. The Find My application will launch shortly. If asked, log in.
  • If necessary, choose your Apple Watch from the list. Press the Play Sound button.

Use Find My service

This will change the screen, and the issue of the Apple logo stuck on Apple watch will be solved.

4. Restart your Apple Watch

Whenever you have your Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo, this is the easiest and most important thing you must do. Push the side key and slide the turn-off lever to the right to restart the watch.

The watch will be turned off as a result of this action. After a minute, push the same side kye on the Apple Watch to switch it on. It might take around two to three minutes for your Apple Watch to turn on.

This simple solution should free the Apple Watch stuck on logo. However, if it does not, you need to force restart your Apple Watch.

Force Restart is a notch up from just restarting your Watch normally again.

Even after restarting your Watch, you still face the Apple logo stuck on Apple Watch problem; force restarts it by pushing the Side key and the Smart Crown simultaneously. You can stop tapping the buttons as soon as the Apple logo returns on display.

Allow the Watch a moment to start up before turning it on regularly.

hold buttons

5. Charge your Apple Watch.

Another simple technique to unfreeze your frozen Apple Watch is to plug it in and charge it for around ten to fifteen minutes.

If the problem is solved and the logo vanishes during charging, you may rest and experience the gadget. If the problems continue to exist, you might want to try other solutions.

charge apple watch

6. Factory Reset the Apple Watch.

This can be time-consuming, but it solves several issues. When one factory resets its Apple Watch, all of its data is erased, and the device is reverted to the factory’s original state.

All programs, music, photographs, and preferences will be deleted and reset to factory settings. Here’s how to do a factory reset on your Apple Watch:

  • Tap Settings General after pressing the Digital Crown.
  • Select Reset.
  • Go to Erase All Content and Settings now.
  • If asked, input your Watch password and verify your activity.

Establish your Watch as fresh after the reset is complete.

Factory Reset the Apple Watch

To prevent prior problems from resurfacing, do not restore from a backup. After you’ve performed the initial sync on the Apple Watch, you may download your favorite applications and sync music or photographs from your iPhone.

7. Take your Watch to an Apple Store.

Even after all the above solutions, you are not able to fix the Apple watch stuck on Apple logo issue; you will probably need to take your Apple Watch to the Apple Store for repair.

It might be because of a hardware issue or some software bug that might have crept into your Apple Watch. The Apple Store will look after it.


We hope that by now, your issue of the Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo would have been solved. We have tried to cover all the possible ways of fixing this problem.

Although the Apple Watch is a beautiful innovation, things might get faulty at times.

There might be an error with the hardware, a software bug, or some issue while connecting it with your iPhone or iPad that might cause petty matters like the Apple watch stuck on logo.

I hope this article has helped you. Please share this with the people around you who own an Apple Watch.

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