Apple Watch Series 6 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch series 5 has been a huge success among Apple fans. It did not have any significant design changes. Yet it was able to leave a profound impact on the Apple lovers. The latest Apple watch series 6 will have many significant features, and the fans are eagerly waiting for the launch.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi, Apple is going to change the supplier of the S-series chips. Until now, Quanta computer has been supplying the S series chips. Lux share Precision is expected to take the place of Quanta Computer during the series 6 version. It is interesting to know that Lux share is the manufacturer of Air Pods for Apple.

Apple lovers should not confuse Apple to watch series 6 with Product red. It is also going to be launched this year only. Apple contributes all the profits that it incurs by selling Product Red, for fighting against HIV AIDS.

So, here is the good news for all the Apple lovers. Apple watches series 6 is the latest version of the Apple smartwatch series. The middle of September 2020 indeed is going to be the best for the Apple fans. During this time, iPhones, as well as Apple, watch series 6 is going to be launched. According to the latest rumors and leaks, this smartwatch will have some attractive new features.

Let’s have a look at all the details that we have for you:

When is the Apple Watch Series 6 going to be released?

According to ongoing rumors, leaks, release patterns, we can come to a conclusion and hope for the release in the middle of September 2020.

Design and look of the Apple watch series 6

Since it first-ever debuts in the year 2015, the design of Apple smartwatches has remained more or less the same. However, series 4 was somewhat an exceptional case. It had a bezel-less display. It is quite predictable that at this point, Apple is not going to introduce any change in the design of the latest apple watch series. We should not expect any drastic changes in its design.

However, the new watch may look thinner. This may happen due to the inclusion of a Micro LED display. It will have the same square shape body with round edges.

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Upcoming new features in Apple Watch Series 6:

According to speculations and rumors, Apple watch lovers will be able to enjoy the following new features in Apple Watch Series 6. Let us have a look:

1. Sleep tracking

The latest version of the Apple smartwatch will have a sleep tracker in it. If the user goes to sleep wearing it at night, in the morning, he will be able to know the quality of his sleep. Fitbit and Withing already offer such a feature in their smartwatches. Apple smartwatches to have allowed such predictions but via third-party apps, not directly.

If the sleep tracking feature will be there, then it will have to improve its battery life. Improved battery life will enable the watch to last a full day and the night without the need for charging. It is possible that the feature will be a part of the low power mode at night. At present, the Apple smartwatch has a battery life of about 18 long hours. It needs to be charged every night.

According to a report, Apple has been trying and testing the sleep tracking feature since 2018.

2. Improved gym stats:

Apple smartwatches have always been a great companion for physical fitness lovers, such as cyclists, swimmers, runners, and so on. However, those who go to gyms regularly do not find Apple watches of much use.

Apple will, for sure, change this. To bring a change, Apple has come up with the “Apple Watch Connected” initiative. This initiative is for the popular gyms and fitness studios in the United States. This new program will compel the gyms to use Apple to watch connected fitness equipment and offer reward programs based on data collection by the smartwatch.

Those gyms which will participate will offer an app for tracking the fitness progress. The gyms will also have to Apple pay to offer a rewards program. The complying gyms will also need to have equipment compatible with Apple’s Gym Kit API. The users will have to agree to opt-in. Apple automatically will not be able to gather data without the permission of the users.

Gyms like YMCA, Orange Theory, Basecamp Fitness, and Crunch Fitness are a part of this new campaign.

3. Blood sugar and blood pressure measurements:

Apple has been hiring engineers as well as clinicians to explore additional features such as blood glucose measurements and blood pressure. These features have never been able to make it in the earlier models. So, this time maybe these features will be added in the latest Apple Watch Series 6.

4. Water-resistance as well as improved performance:

According to the latest leaks and rumors, the latest Apple smartwatch will be water-resistant as well as have improved performance. It may add support for extreme water activities such as scuba diving, water skiing, etc. At present, it offers water-resistance of up to 50 meters.

5. In screen touch ID:

The latest Apple smartwatch can feature an upgraded security system in the form of Touch ID. It will be there on display itself. There is a four-digit pin which the user has to tap directly on to the display. The watch will remain unlocked as long as it is able to detect a heartbeat. The Touch ID will come via patent published in November 2019.

Price of the Apple smartwatch series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is more like a gradual upgrade and not a revolutionary one. Hence, Apple lovers need not be worried about a price hike. It is speculated that series 6 will take the place of series 5. Prices hopefully will remain the same.

Here is the price list:

  1. Apple Watch Series  6 40mm

Wi-Fi: $400 (aluminium sports model)

  1. Apple Watch Series 6 44mm

Wi-Fi: $430 (aluminum sports model)

  1. Apple Watch Series 6 40mm

Wi-Fi + Cellular: $500 (aluminium sports model)

  1. Apple Watch Series 6 44mm

Wi-Fi + Cellular: $530 (aluminium sports model)

Name of the much-coveted Apple watch series 6:

Apple does not create so much mess about the watch naming structure. The company follows the sequence of numbers for naming the smartwatches. So we can expect the 2020 model to have the simple name of Apple watch series 6.

So Apple lovers, keep your fingers crossed for the latest and most stylish Apple watch series 6.

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