10 Best Apple Watch Productivity Apps to Try in 2022

Best Apple Watch Productivity Apps

Apple Watch has amazing features that could increase your productivity level to its peak. However, after some time Apple Watch users started criticizing it hard. And, for most of them, Apple Watch wasn’t an intrigued gadget anymore. But, Apple brought App Store in Apple Watch in the new OS- watchOS 6. After that, many big-named brands started creating apps for the Apple Watch. And, people who love to be productive got tons of amazing Apple Watch productivity apps. As a result, it becomes popular again among creators, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and businessmen.

Apple is known for its simplicity and most of us it’s directly proportional to better productivity. Also, due to this significant update, some apps work great with Apple iPhone 12. And, this seems one of the best times to join the Apple ecosystem. Moreover, if you want to kill your procrastination, Apple Watch has specific apps to get your work done too. Furthermore, this article is dedicated to all these Apple Watch productivity apps you can find in 2021.

10 Best Apple Watch productivity apps in 2021

If you’ve recently purchased an Apple Watch and feeling overwhelmed by seeing a long apps list, just take a deep breath because I have already researched for you. In this research, I found the 10 best Apple Watch productivity apps of the year 2021. Moreover, I have compiled all these apps in this article with their feature and benefits. All these applications target different categories, such as Fitness, Organizing, etc. But all of them have one specific goal- to make your day productive by making things easier for you. Now, go on, read the article and install the application you find interesting.

Let’s start the list with the number #1

1. Todoist: No.1 Apple Watch Productivity app to Manage Time

Todoist is one of the best Apple Watch productivity apps you will find on the Apple Store. It comes with an efficient yet clean and clutter-free interface. No matter, if you’re a geek or not. It is easy to understand to make your task management life simple and smoother.

It has a couple of useful features to get your work done in a fun and easy way. For instance, shared projects, different color codes to represent priority levels, and productivity graphs to record your progress. Moreover, you can level up your productivity with advanced integration with services like Dropbox, IFTTT, and Slack. You can create various sections in it to organize your all projects in a well-mannered way. The process is quick and requires just a few clicks.

Furthermore, the new and updated view presents all tasks in a descriptive way. It works great on desktop as well as on iPhone. You can view your weekly and daily set schedule by swiping the screen. At last, this app is free yet you can pay $3.99/month to unlock some additional features.

2. Seven- One of the Best Apple Watch Productivity apps for Fitness Lovers

This app has 4.8 out of 5 ratings from over 100k users which is above average. This app is a blessing for people who love to be fit but don’t get time for a workout. Like its name, this app helps you to stay fit just by doing a workout for 7 minutes. Also, it mentioned you don’t need a gym membership and equipment for this workout. Just wear your Apple Watch, start this app and you’re ready to go.

Moreover, you get a couple of useful exercises, visual feedback, and motivation to uplevel your fitness game. You can earn in-app achievements by competing with your friends. Meanwhile, you can sign up for monthly subscriptions and get access to 200+ exercises. All the exercises will be shown up as and by 3D models. So it’ll be easy to understand the posture and position of the exercise. The personalized goals section will help you to keep a keen eye on your progress to achieve your goals.

This app is great to do exercise anywhere and anytime in only 7 minutes. Also, you can watch these exercises on your iPhone’s screen to understand the exercise properly. Moreover, it’d be difficult to understand it on Apple Watch’s little screen.

3. StepDog- A Fun Way to Get A Outdoor Walk

Well, don’t get confused by this app name. It is not made to take care of your dog. However, if you love doing physical activity but get bored with all the traditional fitness apps, then it could be for you.

In this app, you’ll get a virtual pet, kind of a fitness Tamagotchi. And, this Virtual pet encourages you to go for a walk outdoors. This app needs an Infographic Modular Watch to face to show a cute dog face in the middle of the Apple Watch. It acts like a real dog. For instance, it won’t go to sleep unless you hit its daily step goal. It’s a fun app to have when you can’t afford a dog. It feels nowhere like having a cute furry pet but at least you’ll get a cute virtual pet that’ll tell you to take a step outside.

After you’ll hit your virtual pet step goal, it’ll go to sleep. This app also provides a widget for the iPhone to do the same in it. You can download and install the app for free. However, you can unlock additional features, such as a Premium pack, set of all dogs, and accessories for them by paying a small payment of $1.99. You can also see leaderboards where you can see your friend’s and other user’s step count. According to this app’s page, StepDog is an ideal app for younger (4+) users. Still, it’s a fun way to go out for a little walk. Plus, it made you less lonely and smile a little. Definitely, one of the fun and a little productive Apple Watch apps on the list.

4.1Password: Create and Save Passwords, Securely

Passwords are critical yet sometimes the most ignored things in our technical lives. We used to forget our passwords and definitely will unless we will find an ideal way to save them securely. 1Password is the app that helps you to achieve the same goal. This app has 4.4 out of 5 ratings from 23.6k users. Apart from saving the passwords, 1Password also works great to create strong passwords for various accounts.

Moreover, you can fill usernames, credit card numbers address into websites and supported apps. Also, you can access all this password information on your mobile devices and computer. You can organize your various passwords by putting them in different categories such as credit cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, passports, and more. Multiple vaults are also available here to separate all of your different life areas. Also, you can add custom fields to add extra information related to passwords.

1Password could be unlocked with your Apple Watch, even with your Mac T2 chip or the new M1-based Macs. This application comes with a 30-day trial, after that you’ve to pay $3/month for an individual plan and $5/month for a family plan.

5. Things 3: Best Apple Watch app for Task Management

Things 3 is one of the most applaud task managers you’ll find on the app store. It has #6 rank on the list of productivity apps. No list of Apple Watch productivity apps could complete without adding this in it.

Things 3 is simple, easy to use, and helps you to achieve your daily tasks. Apple gave this app an Apple Design Award winner and you’ll get it when you’ll install it. It works great on Apple Watch. Just add a to-do item in it and organize it later on your iPhone. Moreover, you can check off all the added tasks with a couple of taps. Also, the Siri Watch face support helps you to receive daily task reminders.

Furthermore, Things 3 supports a couple of useful features such as Repeaters, various tags, this evening, Magic Plus, Share extension. These features add tons of benefits for using this app which makes this app different from others. Although, it comes with a little expensive price which is $9.99. But if you’re serious about your time management and want to finish your work without getting overwhelmed, you should go for it. And, if you’ve not tried it yet, you must do it.

6. Drafts: One of the Best Apple Watch Productivity apps to Save Text

Drafts is a quick and handy notebook and editor to capture your drafts in it. It has 4.8 out of 5 ratings from 7.4k users. Also, it’s one of the best TIME magazine’s best apps. No doubt, it’s one of the best Apple Watch Productivity apps of the app store.

Drafts is a simple-to-use app that comes with amazing features. You can start writing on the go just by saying “Create a note using Drafts” to Siri. Drafts are quick and it does not make you overwhelmed by showing you tons of document templates to choose from. You can tag your draft for better organization. Also, you can archive them to store them for a longer time period. It comes with an attractive and easy-to-use interface. But if you want, you can also customize it according to your preferences. For example, change spacing, line height, margins, etc.

Drafts support for capture using file import, share extension, dictation, and via Siri. The download page mentioned, it is an app that you’ll use for one week, and later it’ll be hard for you to live without it. It supports integration with many apps and services. As a result, you can easily turn your saved text into documents, tweets, and social media posts. Moreover, this app is free yet you can unlock features like custom app icons, dark theme, and better share extensions by paying $2.99/month.

7. Focus: One of the Best Apple Watch apps to Improve Focus

Today we have the internet, smartphones, and all the technology to reach the peak of our productivity. But sometimes these things become the first reason for our distraction. If you’re feeling the same or it’s getting hard for you to manage your time the way you want, this app can help you.

Focus is known for one of the best time management apps in which you can improve your productivity. This app features a Task Manager that won’t let you start/move to another task until you’ll complete the first one. Moreover, it comes with a focus session which is a fun way to increase your efficiency. This feature gives you a short break after you work for 25 minutes. And, after these kinds of four sessions, you’ll get a long break.

Furthermore, you can keep an eye on your performance with an in-depth statistics feature. This will let you know for how many hours you’re procrastinating and for how many hours you’re being productive. Moreover, you’ll get tons of useful features in this app to improve your work productivity as well as your focus. You can use this app for free. This app is well-designed with the Apple Watch and allows you to follow your task using it anywhere, anytime. You can use this app just for 3 days as a trial. After that, you’ve to pay $4.99/month to continue the service which seems quite reasonable.

8. iTranslate Converse: Best Apple Watch app for Travellers

Now don’t get confused by seeing a travel app in the list of Apple Watch productivity apps. iTranslate Converse works like a personal translator that always is there for you to translate the conversations you can’t understand. And, it could be a blessing for you if you’re traveling a lot, especially in different countries. It

iTranslate Converse has a simple design and easy-to-use interface. Also, it holds major daily life conversations in over 38 languages. All you have to talk the content you’re not understanding to your Apple Watch’s microphone. After that, it’ll start the translation procedure and translate it into a language you can understand. The same thing you can do by using your iPhone. Also, this app can translate your phrase and talk to someone on your behalf.

Moreover, this app delivers real-time results with good internet connectivity. Also, it is able to detect both languages- your and the foreigner you met in a new country. Moreover, it creates automatic transcripts for every voice conversion you made in it. This app doesn’t have complicated features to make you overwhelmed, just a wide translation button on your entire screen, tap it whenever you want to translate something and it will start working. That’s it, nothing fancy but pretty a pretty handy and useful app. This app has a free 7-day trial but you can continue your subscription by paying $4.99/month.

9. Pennies: Create Budget and Manage Money

If you’re into financial stuff and want to take care of your money very well, the Pennies app could work great for you. It is a budgeting app for people who want to keep a keen eye on their expenses and income.

Moreover, you can categorize your spending and income to upskill your money management game. Also, you can add a budget according to a specific time period such as daily, weekly, or monthly. This app is quite handy to monitor your financial health, just by using your Apple Watch. It shows your daily limits and the money you spent till now. Also, you can make unlimited budgets on this app and iCloud sync allows you to access them from any device.

Furthermore, it shows you your previous expenses and recalculates them with your present spending. In that way, you can track your expenses and improvements in your financial performance. Multiple currency feature allows you to perform these task in whatever currency you’re using right now. This app has 20th rank in the finance category of the App Store and costs you $3.99. But if you’re serious about your money management, it will be worth it.

10. Moodistory: Best to Track your Mental Health

Mental health plays an essential role in our overall health fitness. Fortunately, people start giving attention to it. Moodistory is an app that helps you to track your physical health fitness as well as care about your mental health. It has 65th rank in the Health and Fitness category of the App Store. Also, it has amazing ratings of 4.8 out of 5.

Moreover, Moodistory works as a tracker too. You can use it to track your step, calories, and even your cycling distance. However, it is more focused on Mental health fitness. The new and updated app optimized well with the new Apple Watch. As a result, if you wear it all day, you can easily record your mood and its statistics. All you have to wear the Apple Watch and tap to start the procedure. Moreover, you can install this app on your iPhone to get a detailed note of your statistics.

Furthermore, you can use the received information for a certain period of time to improve your mental health. Also, you can get all this information in your iPhone app as a PDF document. Moreover, this app is best if you’re facing little mood swings. Therefore, you can find the reason why you’re feeling this and you can act accordingly. Obviously, you should consult a professional if you’re serious about your mental health. Still, it’s not another one of the Apple Watch productivity apps because for some it could be a life-changing experience.


1. Does Apple Watch increase productivity?

The short answer- Yes. If you think Apple Watch is a normal wristwatch then you’re doing it pretty wrong. Also, you’re disrespecting what Apple Watch is capable to do.

Apple Watch is not only useful to know what’s the time right now. But it could work as an amazing tool that unleashes your productivity to its peak. All you have to install an app according to your goals and your preferences. No matter, in whatever industry you’re working, or what kind of goals you’ve in your mind, you can find an app related to it. After that, you can use this app and its features to increase your productivity.

A couple of amazing apps available in the market that you can find with a single search on the App Store. Todoist and Seven are one of the basic and popular Apple Watch Productivity apps of them.

2. How does Apple Watch increase productivity?

In watchOS6 update, Apple made significant changes related to Apple Watch and Apple’s ecosystem. One of them was Apple Watch won’t need an iPhone as a component to execute a certain app. Therefore, an app developer can create a standalone app for Apple Watch. Also, now you won’t need an iPhone to play a third-party fitness streaming app in it. As a result, you definitely see a growth in your productivity. Moreover, Apple Watch is compatible and can do things that even iPhone can’t do. For example, you can track your sleep, your physical as well as emotional health just by wearing it.

All you have to be specific about the goals you want to achieve right now. Is it for creating an organized to-do list for your next week schedule? Is it for monitoring the statistics of a specific task in your to-do list? Or you just want to discuss your business presentation with your office colleagues while you’re traveling in an Uber. See. You can do unlimited things with this tiny wristwatch.

Furthermore, you can accomplish your basic and daily life tasks using Apple Watch. For instance, to check Emails and messages, to execute basic commands using Siri, or even to make a phone call. Meanwhile, you can also install certain apps to relax a little or to get out of your boredom. You can install Stepdog to get a virtual pet and to find an excuse to go outside for a little bit of walk.

3. What Apple Watch apps should I get?

Like we already discussed in the 2nd question, it depends on the goals you want to achieve or your preferences. However, there are several apps you must add into your Apple Watch to improve your productivity. No matter, if you’re into business, or into a creative field.

  1. Todoist: As the name suggests, add the to-do list of your daily or weekly schedule, categorize them using different colors/tags, and share them using integration support of major cloud apps. Simply, the best to manage your tasks and achieve them in time.
  2. Drafts: Best for you if you always need a notebook to write down your ideas on it. It supports Siri commands as well as integration of major services. Also, you can use it to turn your text into documents, tweets and other social media posts in seconds.
  3. 1Password: Nowadays we all are on multiple social media accounts as well as different internet services. Therefore, forgetting password became a real deal to tackle. 1Password helps you to create and manage all these accounts’ passwords, in a secure way.
  4. Seven: We all are running a race every day and due to this busyness we’re forgetting to take care of our body. Seven application works great to kill this neglection and to achieve our health goals. And, you only need to spend 7 minutes with this app to get yourself a healthy body. Or at least a body free from diseases.

There are many Apple Watch productivity apps available in the market. However, I found these apps that will definitely help you to upskill your productivity.


Technology and gadgets are made to make our life easier. And, we should use them to reach the full potential of our productivity. Apple Watch is great to take measurements as it stays with us always unless we take off it from our wrist.

Moreover, I have added the top Apple Watch productivity apps to the above list. So you don’t have to spend time to find the best app for you. Just look out for which category you’re looking an app and go for it. For instance, if you’re into fitness but don’t have much time for it, install a Seven- 7-minute workout. Also, you can install Pennies to manage your money in a better way. Opportunities are unlimited, all you have to choose the right one.

So this is the list of best Apple Watch productivity apps from the market. There are tons of them but these are the ones I found interesting and useful at the same time. I hope you’ll like this list and somehow one of these Apple Watch productivity apps will help you to make your life better. Let’s know which app you installed or if there is another amazing app for Apple Watch. Also, share this list with your known who are searching for the best productivity apps for their Apple Watch.

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