Apple Watch Not Charging? Here are 7 solutions to fix it

Apple Watch Not Charging? Here are 7 solutions to fix it

Is your Apple Watch Not Charging? Read this article to know how to fix apple charging issues.

Apple watches are one of the best quality watches, which comes with multiple features and give a stylish look to your overall personality.

If you often face the charging issue in your Apple Watch, then you are in right place.

It can happen that your Apple Watch is not charging because of multiple reasons.

To get the right solution to your problem, you must always try to understand the problem properly, so that you can get the right solution to it.

If your Apple Watch is not charging then try these steps, which are given below to get rid you’re your trouble.

We have mentioned 7 solutions to different problems, because of which this Apple watch not charging issue has occurred.

This type of issue is quite common among Apple watch users, who use them on regular basis to keep them updated while working, gym, or travel. This issue of Apple watch not charging has increased after installing Watch OS 8.3 to your existing piece, which has just become a showpiece because of not charging issue.

Apple watch not charging

This expensive piece with lots of features and a cool look remains of no use, but we are here with 7 easy solutions, which can be performed by you to fix this Apple watch not charging issue.

Before you start panicking, let’s move to the steps that need to be followed:

1. Hard reset of the Apple watch
2. Remove Apple watch protective case
3. Check the charging cable for damage
4. Clean charging contact points
5. Try a different Apple watch charger
6. Fix Apple watch charging issues on watch OS 8.3
7. Erase your Apple watch and setup again

7 Solutions to Apple Watch Not Charging 

Hard reset of the Apple watch

hard reset Apple watch- apple watch not charging

Hard reset will give a fresh start to your watch, you can do this step to refresh the watch OS, this not only helps to do a fresh start but will also add to maintain the software level they may have been gathered during the regular user of Apple watch.

To perform a hard reset to a not charging Apple watch, you need to press the side button with the digital crown together.

Keep it pressed, and only leave it when you see the Apple logo on the screen. After performing this hard reset process you can expect that your Apple watch will start charging again, using your same old charger.

Even after performing this step if your Apple Watch is not charging, then try the next step.

Remove Apple watch protective case

If you use a protective case that covers the entire back of your Apple Watch. Please remove it and try charging.

There should be no obstruction between the rear of the watch and the charging connector, the obstruction may create Apple watch not charging situation.

If you have not peeled off the plastic wrap from both sides of the magnetic Apple Watch charger, please do it. Additionally, ensure that dirt isn’t causing interference. To clean the rear portion of the watch and the charger, use a soft dry cloth and slowly wipe the surfaces.

It often happens that we try to charge our Apple watch or any other gadget keep it in an external cover which protects the device but meanwhile it creates an obstruction between the charger and the charging point because of this the amount of electric current required to charge the device.

For this, you need to remove every minute obstacle to get a proper connection between the charger and the device.

If this is the issue in your case, do try this to resolve otherwise follow the next step.

Check the charging cable for damage

charging cable damaged- apple watch not charging

Check if your charging cable is in proper condition and fits the charging connector at both ends, if the charger is ill-fitted to your Apple watch this may be the reason.

While connecting the charger to the device double check if it is plugged in properly. Adjust the device placement and the charger to ensure it works.

Next up, make sure the charging cord is not damaged. If the charging cable is burnt or have a cut on its wire, you immediately need to replace it with the original Apple watch charger.

Check the charger properly if it’s in proper condition so that it can be used without causing any damage.

If your charger is perfectly in good condition then try the next step for making your Apple watch in charging condition.

Clean charging contact point

Over time, debris such as lint gets accumulated on charging contacts. The debris could reduce charging speed or prevent charging from happening.

Get hold of an earbud and clean the contact. Furthermore, clean the back and front of the Apple Watch. Consider using alcohol-based cleaners for stubborn dirt.

There is always a scope of dirt, either on the charging connector or on the Apple watch charging point.

You can also visit your nearby mobile store to make sure the dirt or dust is completely removed from the target. After following this step try charging your Apple watch.

If your Apple Watch is not charging even after this, follow the consecutive step in the row.

Try a different Apple watch charger

Before we go for a full erase, it is logical to check a few basics. Make sure to use the original charger and connector that comes in the box with the Apple Watch.

Inspect the cable for physical damage. The problem might be with the charger. Consider using a second charger to further ensure.

Make sure the USB is appropriately plugged into the power adapter or computer.

Try considering another Apple watch charger, you can try connecting your Apple watch with your friends Apple watch charger and check where the original problem belongs.

In this way, you can easily reach the depth of the charger problem.

Fix Apple watch charging issues on watch OS 8.3

Many users started experiencing the charging issue after updating to watchOS 8.3. The Apple Watch 7 charges properly with the original Apple charger. However, the charging stops while using third-party chargers.

Apple Watch users are facing a similar issue with multiple third-party chargers.

A Redditor alleges that Apple might have killed third-party charger support for Apple Watch. With a third-party charger, the watch stops charging after a while.

It starts charging again after restarting Apple Watch.

Interestingly, some users are facing a similar issue with Apple charging pucks as well. Meanwhile, some have noticed a drop in charging speeds.

The charging issue could be a software bug.

We hope Apple will fix it in future updates. Until then, you can use Apple supplied charger with the Apple Watch 7.

Also using a third-party charger makes the charging speed slow and creates other issues such as slowness and not responding issues.

It is a best practice of using the original available charger to charge your Apple Watch, which passing time this issue can become severe and lead to heavy loss.

Erase your Apple watch and setup again

reset Apple watch- apple watch not charging issues

Your Apple Watch isn’t charging despite following the above solutions and recommendations?

In such a case, fully erase the Apple Watch and set it up again. This will remove everything that is currently on your watch, including any custom settings.

To erase the Apple Watch follow the below steps:
• Press the Digital crown to see all the apps.
• From here, tap the Settings app icon → General → Reset.
• Now, tap Erase All Content and Settings → Erase All.
• Type the watch passcode and confirm.
• Once the full reset completes, you will have to pair (set up) your Apple Watch again.

These are some of the ways to get your Apple Watch charging again successfully. After the entire reset of your Apple watch not charging issue will be resolved for sure.

If not then there must be some serious problem, do contact Apple support if your Apple Watch is not charging even after trying all the above solutions to fix it.

In case this article did not work positively for you, contact Apple Support, and learn about your repair options.


The above solution will positively work for those who have updated their Apple watch 7 to Apple Watch 8, just because this issue might occur.

All the above steps are safe to practice on your Apple watch which is not charging. The steps are very simple and will also work for those who haven’t updated the OS but still there Apple watch is not charging.

These simple solutions are not for any particular device, you can also apply than in general for any charging device with is not performing properly.

Also, it is a good practice and highly recommend that you use the original charger of a device for its charging instead of any third-party charger. This increases the life of the gadget and keeps it in good working condition.

Do try all the above steps if your Apple Watch is not charging, even if the issue is not resolved do contact the Apple support team for further clarity.

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