10 Best Charging Stand/Station for Apple Watch

apple watch charging stand

Switching to a charging pod may be an excellent idea for Apple watch users to reduce wired and cable charging hassles. With multiple options available to choose from in the market, it may be quite a whirlpool to pick the one suitable for you. 

The charging stand adds more features to aid your Apple Watch, some of them being providing support, acting as an alarm clock, and the most specific one is charging your watch correctly. 

Most charging stands in the market are compatible with all Apple Watches, and it saves your time in figuring out which one to buy; we have listed down our top 10 picks for the best charging stand for Apple Watch. 

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The Best Charging Stand for Apple Watch

1. OMOTON 2-in-1 Watch stand

OMOTON brings us a dual usage stand that is compatible with all iPhone models and the Apple Watch. Users need to be careful before purchasing as this stand is only to support your device while it charges and does not charge the watch or phone itself. 

It comes with a simple design but durable build made of 4mm thick aluminum that is 25% thicker than most models you’ll find, which promises a longer shelf-life.

The watch stand works with Apple Watch Series 7/6/5/4/3/2/1 and Apple Watch SE 38mm/40mm/42mm/44mm. 

The stand comes with a massive silicone padding to prevent any scratches or unwanted stains from accumulating when you have the Watch case off while charging.

A 4o degree slant keeps your watch from sliding off the stand, so it takes to be a perfect resting place for your Apple Watch. Moreover, you can even adjust the viewing angle from 40-45 degrees so you can make use of the stand to check the time or make quick calls from your Apple Watch!


  • Solid build
  • Compatible with all Apple Watch models
  • Silicone pad for anti-scratch
  • Slanted mount for anti-skid
  • Budget-friendly


  • Does not charge the watch

2. TAOHAI wireless charging station

The all-in-one TAOHAI charging station makes your work easier by adopting a QI-approved charging technology that is entirely wireless. Just hook on your Apple Watch to the station and get it fully charged before going out for your daily work!

The 3-in-1 feature of this charging station allows you to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods simultaneously, so you need not worry about switching the USB cable to charging your devices one by one.

It looks pretty premium to the eyes, with the manufacturer option for a minimalistic outlook to the station. It comes with a charging adapter to keep the power supply going. 

The wireless charging station has a foldable feature that makes it easy to carry or slip in your bag to be a great option as a travel buddy. The wireless dock even lets you adjust your phone for a non-stop streaming session when on charge.

TAOHAI incorporates intelligent technology in the charging station to keep your devices protected via temperature and voltage control and prevents overcharging of your Apple Watch, making it a suitable device for day-to-day work. 

The box comes with a charging station, a USB cable, and an adapter for convenient usage and is simple to install. 


  • Wireless QI charging
  • Three device support
  • Temperature and Voltage control
  • Easy to use
  • Foldable and portable design


  • Metal attachments may interfere with charging

3. Elago W2 charger stand

If you cannot figure out where to place your Apple Watch while it charges, then Elago brings you the W2 charger stand built exclusively for the Apple Watch at a very cost-effective price!

It is a great charging stand compatible with all models of the Apple Watch and provides fantastic support while charging. It can fit in any place, including your nightstand or table, with its compact build.

Most charger stands for the Apple watch may be too big to sustain the watch, the Elago W2 charger was precisely made, keeping in mind the width and height of the Apple Watch. 

The silicone material of the charging stand is anti-scratch in property to keep your Apple Watch protected, and the anti-slip grip prevents it from falling off tables and flat surfaces.

It also comes with a cable hole to keep knots away from your USB cable. The stand is designed to give you a viewing angle so you can use the watch even while charging and also is compatible with the nightstand mode making it a great pick as the best charging stand for Apple Watch. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Built from scratch
  • Anti-slip and Anti-scratch
  • Nightstand mode compatible 
  • Built for Apple Watch


  • It does not work well with sport loop

4. WAITIEE 3-in-1 wireless charging station

If you want an all-in-one charging port to suffice with your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, then WAITIEE 3-in-1 wireless charging station may be the best pick for you!

The design is elegant and straightforward, with a flat charging stand and a dock that gives proper support to your Apple Watch. 

15W charging and universal compatibility is an excellent feature of this charging station that works well with all iPhone models and the Apple Watch series and can be a hybrid charger for a few Android devices. 

It is no doubt that excessive power supply and overheating have become a problem for many charging stations.

Still, this wireless charging station is not the case as it offers multi-protection with its temperature and voltage control technology.

With fast charging, the station maintains optimal power supply and does not allow overcharging of the battery, leading to over-time damage to your Apple Watch. 

The charging base is made of silicone that provides an anti-slip feature to the station, so you do not have to worry about the dock sliding off the table.

The wireless charging station also supports two types of charging from vertical and horizontal placement, making it ideal for working without any placing problems.

Great sensor technology detects your phone’s charging and a blue light denotes complete charging while a green light denotes the standby mode. 

Coming in three different colors, it is a great budget-friendly accessory that you should go for if opting for a charging station. 


  • Charging sensor indicator 
  • Multi-protection
  • 15W fast-charging 
  • Universal compatibility 
  • Vertical and horizontal placement
  • Affordable 


  • Bad shelf-life

5. Sixmax Charging stand 

Sixmax brings you a one-step charging stand powered with a magnetic hold to keep your Apple Watch steady and held tightly. 

You are getting the benefits of a charging dock, holder, and even an alarm clock at a very affordable price, making it an excellent pick for multi-purpose use.

The charging station contains a built-in magnet that allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your Apple Watch without affecting the charging dock connected to your watch. 

The charging stand comes with a superb build that prevents scratches and compatibility issues with your Apple watch. The Sixmax charging stand also supports the nightstand mode of the Apple Watch to use as a bedside clock or an alarm clock to wake up. 

The charging stand is compatible with Apple Watch Series 6/5/4/3/2/1 and Apple Watch SE (includes 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm version), Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Nike Plus, Apple Watch Hermes, and Apple Watch Edition.

Users must note that this charging stand does not support Apple Watch 7 series, so if you have the model, we suggest you look for a different charging stand. 

With a portable design, you can easily fit this stand in any place, including your office table or your kitchen counter! 


  • Portable 
  • Anti-scratch design
  • Magnetic hold 
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Nightstand mode compatible 
  • Budget-friendly


  • Slow charging

6. CEREECOO 3-in-1 charging station

It is no doubt that choosing a 3-in-1 charging station comes with more significant advantages than a simple charging stand to hold your Apple Watch.

With the CEREECOO charging station, you get a better outcome, including a great design and supporting upto three device charging. 

It is a pocket-sized charging station with a minimalistic approach to make it elegant and simple yet works wonderfully to charge your Apple watch. The plus point of this charger station is that it comes with three charging ports that are compatible with the iPhone, AirPods, and the Apple Watch

It can simultaneously charge all three devices. The charging dock is easy to set up, and the foldable design makes it easy to carry for traveling journeys. 

Universal compatibility lets you charge every iOS model for AirPods, iPhones, and Apple watches. You can pick up your choice of color for the charging station, and CEREECOO provides five different color options to go with your taste. 

The package comes with a charging station, a user manual, and a USB-C cable, so one has to invest in buying a power adapter for the charging station to work. 


  • 3-in-1 charging station
  • Portable and foldable design
  • Charges three devices simultaneously
  • Affordable 
  • Universal compatibility


  • No power adapter given

7. Lamicall Apple Watch stand

It may be quite a pain when you cannot figure out how to place your Apple Watch while it charges so that you do not get a single scratch on it.

It is easy to accidentally drop your watch when charged or slip away with a bulky design and straps.

Lamicall watch stand eases your trouble which is purely made to support your Apple Watch when it rests for charging. 

The hole of the charging stand was designed to fit the Apple Watch while it charges perfectly. You can easily fit this charging stand anywhere with its small size, almost taking no space while you work to keep your watch charged. 

The base of the charging stand is made of silicone which prevents the stand from slipping or knocking over, or from shaking.

With the solid build, you can rest assured when setting up your stand for your Apple Watch.

The Lamicall stand is made of excellent quality materials, mainly aluminum alloy with a 4mm width, supporting and sturdy. 

A 45-degree viewing angle lets you use the Apple Watch to check the time or pick up calls and keep a check on the watch’s charging.

With a beautiful design, you can even use it to hold your Apple watch and make it an excellent gift for your friends and family!


  • Silicone base
  • Anti-slip and anti-shake
  • Portable design and small size
  • Cheap
  • 4mm aluminum alloy build


  • The cord does not stay in place

8. AhaStyle iWatch charging stand

If you are a fan of simple-looking things, then AhaStyle brings you their iWatch charging stand in multiple colors to go well on your desk! 

The Apple Watch stand is compatible with Apple Watch Series 7, Series SE, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, Series 1(45mm/44mm/42mm/41mm/40mm/38mm). Made out of high-quality silicone for enhanced protection and anti-slip technology gives excellent support to your Apple Watch when it charges and keeps scratches away from the watch. 

It is very basic in use. Just hook it up on your desk/table, place your Apple watch on the stand and connect it to the charger.

One must note that it, by all means, is not a charging stand but simply support keeping your watch on and does not come with a charging cable or an adapter. 

The convenient design allows your watch to work on the nightstand mode and reduces the chances of your cable tangling up when charging via the cable hole inside the stand.

The charging stand only works with the original iWatch adapter, so that any other QI charger may be a bad pick for this model. 


  • Multiple colors
  • Silicone build
  • Anti-slip and Anti-scratch 
  • Compatible with all iWatches
  • Compact size


  • Does not charge the watch 

9. Spigen S350 watch stand

This tiny accessory is an affordable piece for users looking to sustain their Apple watch when it charges. Entirely built to support the Apple watch alone, the Spigen S350 watch stand does a great job doing what the name suggests. 

The nanotech foundation of this watch stand makes it anti-slip and provides much stability when mounted on flat surfaces. The stand holds the adapter securely when hooking the Apple Watch to the stand with a feasible space for the charger. 

Users can even use the charging dock in the reversible position, making it case compatible, which is a great plus point for this charging stand.

You can also access the nightstand mode of the Apple watch when using this stand to support and charge your device. 

A simple design makes it easy for you to grab your Apple watch off the stand when on the run, making it an excellent choice for a charging stand. 


  • Simple build
  • It can be used in two ways
  • Anti-slip nanotech base
  • Compatible with all Apple Watch series


  • Cable hole too small

10. Conido charging stand

Designed to be used every day and in any environment, the Conido charging stand is your pick for a great Christmas gift to support the Apple Watch at a cost-effective rate. 

The integrated magnetic charger comes with a small dial at the back to adjust the magnet’s strength to hold your Apple watch in place, which is a great feature provided by the manufacturers.

The compact and sleek design works well in a business setup or simply looks great on your table when charging your Apple watch. 

The charging stand comes with rubber cushions to give the utmost protection to your watch and prevent it from accidental scratches or fall-offs. The wireless charging stand comes with another great feature that allows charging even through your watch’s case, so there is no need for you to take it off. 

The nightstand mode support lets you use your watch as an alarm clock, and the portable design is easy to slip in your bag and carry when traveling to ensure charging anytime and anywhere.

Universal compatibility with every Apple Watch series gives it a great outcome and an excellent choice for everyday usage. 


  • Sleek and portable design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multi-colors 
  • Adjustable magnetic strength 
  • Adjustable viewing angle 
  • Protective rubber cushions 


  • USB-A type cable 
  • Not foldable 


With countless accessories available in the market to support the well-being of electronics, charging stands and stations have become a popular pick for many Apple watch users.

The stands give excellent support to your watch, and some even come with the features of wireless charging to reduce the load and stress of finding your adapter early in the morning. 

This article discussed our top picks for the best charging stand/station compatible with iWatches, and I hope it has been a worthwhile read!

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