Apple to Launch a New High End Gaming Mac in 2020

gaming mac

All the Apple lovers out there, we have interesting news (not official yet) coming out from Apple Manufacturing house. There are rumours that Apple is going to launch a Gaming Mac in 2020. It is expected that in WWDC 2020, we could have it in the stores.

Though it is not confirmed yet and we haven’t heard anything from Apple. But considering the popularity of gaming on PCs, it is expected to hear from Apple about their new Gaming Mac very soon.

Everyone is happy with the professional series of MacBooks and iMacs and we would love to experience Gaming on Apple devices. Current devices of Apple are somewhere capable to drive some games but till date, there isn’t any Mac from Apple to handle big games.

In terms of prices, we are expecting that Apple’s upcoming Gaming Mac could cost around $5100 or 3.6 Lakhs INR. In the last WWDC, Apple launched Apple Arcade which has many games compatible with all their devices. Apple Arcade could be the first step to enter the Gaming industry and till now, Apple Arcade is quite successful, thanks to the subscription cost, just 99 per month.


Along with Arcade, Apple also launched its Mac Pro which has some insane configurations and it is very easy for Mac Pro to handle complex software available on the internet right now. If Apple develops something similar to it with a better cooling mechanism, gaming monitor, new pair of a keyboard and mouse, it can be called as a Gaming Mac.

Now, all you need to do is to wait till official news came out of Apple or for the next WWDC event. You can also stick with us, we’ll give you an update whenever Apple makes an announcement regarding their new Gaming Mac in 2020. Till then do let us know how excited you are for this new Gaming Mac.

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