Apple To Donate 10 Million Masks To Healthcare Officials In The United States & Europe

TIm Cook

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire earth massively. The USA has reported 210 new cases in the last 24 hours, and the situation is getting worse with time.

Vice President Pence who is a part of the White House Coronavirus Taskforce revealed during the press conference about the contribution of the tech giant, Apple.

“And I spoke today, and the president spoke last week, with Tim Cook of Apple,” Pence said. “And at this moment in time, Apple went to their storehouses and is donating 9 million N95 masks to healthcare facilities all across the country and to the national stockpile.”

On Saturday, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced that the company would be providing millions of 9M masks to the health professionals in the united states and Europe.

The healthcare workers in the states and other countries are in urgent need of the protective gear, which experienced a huge demand and low supply amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Pence also announced that Apple has pledged to donate as many as 10 million masks in the areas that have been hit the most due to the virus. The donation was later confirmed by the CEO, Tim Cook, via his twitter handle through a video message.

“Our teams at Apple have been working to help source supplies for healthcare providers fighting COVID-19,” Cook’s tweet reads. “We’re donating millions of masks for health professionals in the US and Europe. To every one of the heroes on the front lines, we thank you.”

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