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Apple One

In September 2020, while the Time Flies event, Apple announced the Apple One. It’s a services bundle where an Apple user can combine all Apple services at a reduced price. Moreover, the chosen Apple services will be divided into three bundles tiers. And, you have to pay a single monthly payment for all these Apple services.

Apple One: Everything You Should Know about it

However, it is a great approach to remove the irritation of repeating the same task to pay for different Apple services. Still, we aren’t enough sure about the stability of this new Apple product. Also, your mind might be started questioning queries to yourself. For example, when Apple One will be available to you? What is the pricing structure of it? And, how much money we can save with this new Apple product? So I compiled this list with all the features, bundled services, and pricing of the Apple One. Also, I will try to answer all questions one by one through this post.

So let’s get started.

What is Apple One?

Apple One is a subscription program similar to Amazon’s Prime. It is a combined bundle of Apple’s existing services. And in that subscription program, you’ll pay only one monthly amount to get all these Apple services. Meanwhile, you can also get access to a specific Apple service without the Apple One subscription. You just have to pay for that particular Apple service to get access to it.

Further, Apple One is a great choice for people who want all the Apple services in one place. Apple One is available in three tiers- Individual, Family, and Premier. The services will include being Apple Music, TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, Apple News, and Apple Fitness+. Alongside this, you’ll also get access to iCloud storage.

Apple One comes with three different tiers for a particular targeted audience. They all are named as Individual, Family, Premier. Later, in the pricing section, we’ll talk about all the details of these tiers.

When Apple One will be available?

In the September event, Apple executives didn’t give an exact release date of Apple One. But according to some major publications’ reports, Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) mentioned few words for the services bundle. According to Tim Cook’s statement, Apple One will be launched on the Friday of Oct. 30.

And well he was saying the truth.

Moreover, you can also check a tweet by Mark Gurman. Mark Gurman has been uncovering the Apple and tech news for decades. And according to him, Apple CFO Luca Maestri told @emilychangtv on October 30 that Apple One is launching tomorrow. On the other, he also told us that hand Fitness+ is launching this quarter.

Further, UK, US, Canada, and Australia are the first ones to get the Premier version of it. Meanwhile, Individual and Family plans are now available in over 100 countries and regions alongside the UK and US.

How does Apple One work?

Like we already know Apple One works as a bundle subscription such as Amazon Prime. So users can subscribe to an entire package loaded with particular Apple services. Also, users are allowed to access these services on any supported device.

Moreover, you have to pay a monthly subscription price according to the services or tiers you choose. The only difference will be a reduced price in between buying a separate Apple app and buying apps bundled with Apple One.

Apple also mentioned that you can get a 30-days free trial for the services you want to add. Plus, you can change your subscription tier whenever you want. And if you want to cancel your subscription, you can do it anytime.

Alongside the Apple devices, you can access some of the Apple services on non-Apple devices too. For example, you can run Apple Music on Android and Apple TV+ subscriptions on smart TVs.

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How to sign up for Apple One?

However, there are not enough details about the Apple One on the internet. Yet you can try these settings to sign up for it as a new user. But make sure that your Apple device has an updated iOS version. For an iPhone it’s iOS 14, for an iPad it’s iPadOS 14, and for a Mac, it should be the macOS Big Sur.

Update your Apple device to sign up in Apple One with all the Apple services it run

To update your Apple device or check the software version, you can visit Settings > General > Software Update. If you’ll see a software update, please update it gradually. If it’s already updated skip this step to follow the next.

After the update process, you can follow the below settings in Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Let’s follow it together:-

  1. Open Settings on your Apple device.
  2. Find your name at the top of the Settings.
  3. Choose the subscription menu.
  4. Tap on the menu Gets Apple One.
  5. Now, select the Apple One tier you like.
  6. There you can select the Start Free trial option.

Note:- You’ll get a pro-rated refund if you already got an Apple subscription for a particular service. The refund you’ll receive will depend on the remaining day counts.

Also, Apple found a solution for users who’re using multiple Apple’s ids to buy subscriptions or to use iCloud storage. Chris Espinosa from Apple mentioned in a tweet that Apple has a managing system to handle dual Apple id’s through a single Apple One bundle. For more details, you can visit the official page of the Apple support document.

Pricing Tiers & Savings

Apple One comes with 3 pricing tiers as I mentioned before. Now, you’ll know how much each plan costs you? And, how many bucks you’ll save if you choose Apple One. So let’s talk about all the plans one by one.

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