Apple iPhone 12: Everything We Know So Far!


With a barrage of leaks, iPhone 12 has made up an indelible identity in the mind of tech geeks. One after another, updates are coming and setting trends in the industry. Well, these rumours are not new. However, getting stuff regarding upcoming Apple launches is not a common affair.

It’s hard to get details of the upcoming Apple release, but iPhone 12 has proved as an exception to this rule beyond any doubt. In this article, we have round up the leaks and everything that we all know till now. You might admire the updates or even can be disappointed with it, which is all up to you. Here we are sharing the details!

1. Design

As per the rumours, iPhone 12 will come with the latest design. However, a basic design has been spotted in this new upcoming version, which might disappoint many of its users. Though there’s no time to change, Apple is launching it internally this year. The design is mostly similar to iPhone XS, iPhone X, and iPhone 11 Pro.

A frosted matte rear glass can be expected from 11 Pro versions in this latest one. Moreover, the other details can be witnessed in its release.

2. Display

As per the rumours, all versions of iPhones in 2020 will be featured with an OLED display. If we consider iPhone 11, then it has an LCD, whereas most of the Pro models carry the OLED display screen. As per the reports, the new version will have variable refresh rates and even it will change up in prices.

The screen sizes will be tweaked with bigger or smaller panels. The chances are of getting 5.42 inches, 6.06 inches, 6.67 inches contrasting to 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, 6.5 inches models. Even in-display fingerprint sensors can also be expected in this upcoming version.

Apple will jump to 120Hz ProMotion displays as well, which was an essential step as many of the rivals have also lifted to this panel. Also, the Y-OCTA display technology of Samsung will be adopted by Apple, as per the rumours.

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3. Camera

The best about iPhone 12 is its camera. Apple has integrated a long-range 2D camera in this version. Multiple sources have leaked that iPhone 12 will actively map the cosmos of about 15 feet. The camera will be laser-based unlike a dot projector in a 25-50 centimetre range based on a 3D mapping system that is usually used in current iPhones with Face ID.

The new version will complement photographs in portrait mode with depth management. Besides the best part would be augmented reality i.e. AR. The Apple nuts will surely love this product with such a great camera quality.

4. Name

If we talk about the earlier years, before 2017, the Apple smartphones’ names were quite predictable. Because at that time, Apple was using sequential numbers for all it’s latest versions. But this was clear until the year 2017. This year, Apple didn’t use any sequence for its new launch instead launched iPhone X. Then in 2018, it launched iPhone XS. These years put a full stop to predictions of the users.

Then again in 2019, the iPhone series got its numerical series back. But yes, with earlier launches of iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, these new versions can be expected to get names of iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12.

But that’s equally true that the latest 5G models might carry a new name, which can be quite difficult to tell.

5. Biometrics

Face ID will not change quite much on iPhone 12, but yes, there will be slight tweaks in performance and even a smaller notch. Fingerprint sensors and facial recognition get its real value when used alongside Face ID. This is for a high level of security.

6. Hardware and Software

As per the reports and rumours, Apple for the iPhone 12, will adopt 5G connectivity. 5G option can be expected in this iPhone 12 as per the reports. It has become a priority of Apple to launch this version in 5G.

Under these upcoming models, A14 chip can come with the same hardware offerings. You can expect them to get launched on iOS 14. These models or versions will surely have updates and surprises for its users with smooth functionality and the latest software & hardware.

7. Performance

The manufacturing deal of Apple with TSMC has been renewed. It will begin the production very soon as Q2 and is the sole next-gen A14 iPhone chipset supplier.

The efficiency and performance will be boosted up with A Series Chip that will be manufactured alongside the 5nm process. Surely, this would become the competitive advantage of Apple and it will be able to rule over its rivals in no time.

Moreover, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro will have 6 GB RAM. iPhone 12 is surely better than iPhone 11 range that is just limited to 4GB.

8. Release Date

The release date is still behind the curtains, so it wouldn’t be right to say anything. But if we look at Apple traditions and earlier releases, then you can surely expect this one too to unveil in September month.

9. Price Range

Though official prices have not been leaked yet, there is somewhat surety that no significant pricing penalty would be there for 5G. The price range would be quite high as 5G has already added many dollars to this version of phones if we believe critics.

Besides, many new features can be expected and you need to stay prepared to pay high prices of Apple iPhone 12. It can be expected that the price range will be higher than earlier versions.

Is iPhone Seem Out of Your Reach?

Do you urge to have an iPhone this year? Usually, people want the iPhone but their pocket doesn’t allow them to get it. But surely you need not worry about having expenses as Apple will launch a budget iPhone as per the leaks. This new phone will be based on the iPhone 8 design. Though you will find its design old from outside, it will complement some best features. It will feature a primary camera from iPhone 11 series and A13 chipset and will be a powerful pocket-friendly device for its users.

So, if we believe the rumours then you will shortly have an iPhone in your hand without dropping your pocket down. Set your budget for this year and get ready to buy an iPhone of your reach and affordability.

Final Words!

After going through all the rumors and leaks, it can be said that iPhone 12 is surely worth your wait. This version is a great update in all these years. Though some of the features might not satisfy the users, as they might not get what they have expected to contrast to iPhone 11 range smartphones.

With several updates and complaints in the earlier year. Apple will make its users surprised in the 2020 year for sure. 2020 would be a great year for sure for smartphones and tech geeks. Let’s wait for its official release and actual updates.