Fix Apple Fitness+ Not Showing Up on iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch

Apple Fitness+ not showing up

Apple recently launched a Fitness application named Apple Fitness+. It is a $9.99 fitness service that you can use to stream guided workout sessions on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. However, Apple Fitness+ features useful workout guides. Still, when Apple users tried to use this app, they faced an annoying issue. Even after activating the service, Apple Fitness+ not showing up on their Apple devices. And, if you are facing the same problem, you might not be the only one.

I created this post to help you to know “how to fix the Apple Fitness plus not showing up error.” So don’t get discouraged by this tiny error. Just follow this guide to run the Fitness+ app on your Apple devices.

Let’s get started then.

Which Apple Devices Can Run Apple Fitness+?

Before getting into how to fix the Apple Fitness+ not showing up the error, we should confirm the compatibility of Apple Fitness+. In this way, you’ll get an idea of why this app is not showing up on your Apple device. And, you will not waste much time on fixing this silly error.

However, knowing the compatibility of Apple Fitness+ is not rocket science.

First, you have to see what version of Operating System (OS) your Apple device is running?

And the second thing you have to see the model of your Apple device.

To straightforward this process, I already made a list of the essential requirements that you need to run Apple Fitness+ on your Apple device.

Operating System

  1. If you’re running Apple Fitness+ on iPhone, make sure it has iOS 14.3.
  2. If you’re running Apple Fitness+ on iPadOS 14.3, make sure it has iPadOS 14.3.
  3. To run Apple Fitness+ on Apple TV, make sure it has TVOS14.3.
  4. To run Apple Fitness+ on an Apple watch, it should have WatchOS 7.2.

Note 1: If you’re iPhone is compatible with a newer version, you can update it by opening SettingsGeneral Software Update.

Note 2: If your iPhone or iPad is running on the beta iOS/iPadOS 14.3 version, you don’t need to follow this procedure. Just reboot your iPhone or iPad to solve the error.

Apple Device Model

  1. Apple Fitness+ does require an Apple Watch with Apple Watch Series 3 or later.
  2. To pair Apple Watch’s Apple Fitness+ app with an iPhone, you need an iPhone with 6S series, iPhone SE, or later.
  3. To run the Apple Fitness+ app on iPad you need an iPad Air 2 or later.
  4. For Apple TV Apple Fitness+ require at least Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.

To identify your iPhone model, you can check this official guide from Apple itself.

To identify your Apple Watch, also visit this official Apple’s guide.

Just match these compatibility requirements with your current Apple device on where you want to run the Apple Fitness+ app. If everything is fine, then you just completed the first step. If not, you’ve to update your Apple device, either it’s the version of the model series.

iOS 14: Everything you need to know about the new Apple Update

Let’s move on to the next step.

How to Accurately Download the Apple Fitness+?

However, downloading the Apple Fitness+ on an Apple device is not much complex. Still, we must clear our doubts. Also, it won’t take much time to reconsider the process.

So let’s check the download process of the Apple Fitness+ app.

According to Apple, if your iPhone would be compatible with Apple Fitness+, it will automatically appear on your iPhone. Also, you can easily run it on your Apple TV after upgrading it to TVOS 14.3. And, you can access it in the Fitness app of it.

On the other hand, if you’re using an iPad, you’ve to download it manually from the App Store. So if you’re facing Apple Fitness plus not showing up error on your iPad, try to download it from here.

How to Subscribe the Apple Fitness+ on Your Apple Device?

Now you’ve checked your device’s version, model and already downloaded the Apple Fitness+ on your iPad. Still, you’re facing the Apple Fitness plus not showing up error on your Apple device. Now you can check the subscription process.

Apple made it easy to subscribe to the Apple Fitnes+ app. And it is the same for almost all Apple devices.

You can follow these steps to get a subscription to the Apple Fitness+ app:

  1. Open the Fitness app on your Apple device. Meanwhile, you can go to Apple’s official website and can skip the second step.
  2. Find the Apple Fitness+ app here and click on it. You can found it at the bottom of your screen.)
  3. You’ll see a “Get Started” button. Tap on it.
  4. Choose the one-month trial offer. (If you recently purchased a new Apple Watch, you can get three months free trial too.)
  5. Sign in or Sign up with your Apple Profile.
  6. Fill in the Billing information/details.
  7. Click on “Subscribe.”

How to Set up and Use Your Apple Fitness+ on Your Apple device?

The error sometimes get a fix after updating the OS or upgrading your Apple device. And, if you have done everything right and still facing some other issue, then you can check if you have set it up correctly or not?

After signing up and pairing the Apple Fitness+ app on your Apple Watch, you’ll receive a notification on your Apple Watch. This notification will ask you something like “you want to connect.” Alongside this question, you’ll get two options to choose from- Yes and No. Click on Yes. After that, the app will ask you about your Workout preference, difficulty types, trainers, and music. Apple Fitness+ provides you 10 Workout types to choose from, for instance, Yoga, Strength, Dance, Cycling, and Rowing, etc.

After choosing a specific Workout, click on Let’s go. You can also watch a preview first if you want to get a little idea about the workout. After that, you’ll see a Play button on the screen of your Apple device and your Apple watch. Click on it. The video will start playing on both of your Apple devices. Also, it will be played on both of the devices in sync throughout the workout. Therefore, you can use your Apple Watch as a wireless remote. And, you can use it to play/pause your workout.

Apple created a well descriptive interface of Apple Fitnness+. Each workout of Apple Fitness+ will tell you if you need a piece of equipment like weights or a machine. You can check out your current heart rate and the elapsed time on the upper left corner of the screen. Also, you can check the numbers of calories you burned in your workout session. Alongside the calories, you can check out the summary of your workout activity at the end of your workout. And, you’ll also be able to see your exercise on your Fitness app. Meanwhile, after your workout end, you can check out a cooldown guide to calm your body and mind.


Can I use a different Apple id to use Apple Fitness+ on multiple Apple Devices?

The short answer is no. You purchased the Apple Fitness+ subscription. Still, you’re getting the error when you try to run it on a different device. It is because you’re using a secondary Apple id to run Apple Fitness+ on another Apple device. Consequently, use the same iCloud account that you’re going to use with Apple Fitness+.

Is it mandatory to use Apple Watch to fix the “Apple Fitness plus not showing up” error?

A short answer is no.

No matter if you’re getting an error of Apple Fitness+ not showing up or showing up, it does not have anything to do with Apple Watch. Also, If you want to play workouts on your iPhone or iPod, you don’t need an Apple Watch to run it.

There are only two conditions when you must have to wear an Apple Watch on your wrist.

First, when you want to track your activity metrics. However, if you will not wear it, you do not receive any activity metrics, the rest would be the same. And second, when you want to play a workout routine on your Apple TV.

I have tried everything to fix the “Apple Fitness+ not showing up” error but nothing worked. What to do now?

You must check out the country list before start using Apple Fitness+. It’s not available for all countries in the world.

Here is the list of countries where you can use Apple Fitness+:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. New Zealand
  4. Ireland
  5. Canada
  6. Australia.

So if you’re not from the above countries and trying to run Apple Fitness+ on your Apple device, chances are it would be a waste of time.

Why Apple Fitness+ restrict to most of the counties?

Now it’s obviously a thing to be curious when we will see that Apple has restricted Apple Fitness+ in most of the countries of the world. Here could be some of the few reasons that Apple did that:

  1.  Apple made it available only for English speaking countries. And Apple was going to launch it before the end of 2020. So according to some publications, the company didn’t have enough time to translate the Workouts into other languages. So right at the moment, they made it available only for the English speaking nations.
  2. Due to the unavailability of other languages, there could be a chance of misunderstanding. And workout sessions lead to injuries and health issues. Also, this action could lead a company to some legal affairs due to its irresponsibility.
  3. And chances are Apple is making some essential improvements before launch it Worldwide. Yes, that’s it. It seems simple to hear but it could be one of the important reasons that Apple hasn’t launched Apple Fitness+ worldwide.

Final Words

Apple always creates quality products for their users. Apple Fitness+ seems one of them with lots of useful features. However, due to time deficiency, they somehow miss creating a perfect version of Apple Fitness+. Well, we can consider this a reason. Even a few days ago iPad users were not able to download the Apple Fitness+ app on it. Although Apple fixed this bug later, still it gave a bad impression to the users.

Moreover, Apple is bundling Apple Fitness+ with Apple One Premier where the user will get additional features such as Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, and Apple News Plus at a monthly price of $30. Let’s see what will happen in the future, but right now, users only want a smoother and bug-free experience.

So on your Apple device, Apple Fitness+ not showing up? Yes, it could be irritating but sometimes you need to check up just a few settings to fix this error. I tried to add almost all the points that you can use to fix this error. And I hope it will definitely help you. If it did let’s know in the comments. And, don’t forget to share this post with someone who has an iPhone but Apple Fitness+ not showing up on it.

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