Apple Car: Everything You Should Know About Apple’s Rumored Electric car

Apple Car

So you might have been swirled with lots of rumors and leaks about upcoming Apple Car. However, an official announcement is still so far from us. It’s so tricky and confusing that we can’t assure for even it’s existence. It might be just an imagination, but surely it wouldn’t be so. Apple Car has been so rigorously rumored and its leaks are out for four to five years.

Either, you call it ‘Project Titan’ or ‘iCar’, you might be curious to know all about it subsuming, it’s the release date, features, specs, etc. It seems like Apple is trying hard to stop the leaks, but all efforts are in vain.  Here we have summed up all the updates that we know about Apple iCar so far.

Project ‘Titan’

The long and most rumored electric car Car has been developed under the codename, ‘Project Titan’. Most probably, it will be out soon in the market this year or in the next very year. As per the rumors, this electric car will feature advanced technology as we can usually expect in every Apple launch. Also, it is developing in Berlin with a great team of ‘Progressive thinkers’ having 15-20 experts in it.

To develop a car, automakers take about five to seven years. Apple is totally committed to its products and of course, for its new launches, its quite passionate. There’s no doubt in this thing that Apple works by bending its backward to meet the demands of the market. This time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say on the rumors of iCar that Apple is taking the battle against Tesla, GM and other big names of the automobile industry.

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Self-Driving System

The most prominent feature, you will witness in a new Apple launch would be the ‘self-driven’ system. The design is still behind the curtain and there’s no information out yet. However, rumors regarding self-driving systems have been unfurling over varied platforms. It would surely be a sizzling turn in the automobile sector with its launch.

Permissions for Apple Car Testing

Apple in the year 2016 took permission from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to permit the same opportunities to this industry newcomer for testing new cars on public roads. On April 14, 2017, Apple was granted the permission by California Department of Motor Vehicles to test these self-driven vehicles there.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit has also allowed Apple for self-driving car tests.  This permit subsumes Lexus RX540h SUVs, (three vehicles) with six drivers serve as a backup to encounter problems. It’s clear from the use of Lexus SUVs, Apple is not testing the whole vehicle, but just AI technology and sensing. Moreover, if the new vehicle is testing directly then the upcoming surprise for the users might get spoiled within no time. Even the design and look of iCar that was earlier leaked has also given an idea to other manufacturers for innovation of their own new versions.

When Can You Expect Apple iCar in the Market?

Rumors are slashing on social media, but the reality seems blur among all these. In regards to the launch date of iCar, until Tim Cook announces anything officially, it would be hard to say anything, of course. The information regarding hardware and software of the car is also not out of the curtain. Well, if we believe in the well-known outspoken Apple Analyst, then the launch might happen this year, 2020.

In February 2015, he announced that Apple nerds shouldn’t expect the launch for the next five years, at least. So, as per his predictions, 2020 might be the year that we all will witness this wondrous car out. As per the reports, Apple was aiming to launch iCar in the year 2019, after extensive research. Now, 2020 might be expected as the launch year.

Well all said & done, now you can just expect the official update for any confirmation about all these leaks. Stay tuned with our platform for more details!

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