Apple AirTags: Features, Uses, Price And Release Date

Apple Airtags

The name of this device is AirTag, which permits its customers to discover and track their belongings. It helps in finding missing items with Bluetooth trackers. The device is portable, can be attached to personal belongings. Its work will be to find out the belongings by using the user’s iPhone devices.

The most daunting task for anyone in today’s time is tracking lost devices. We share a bond with everything that we use. And once it gets lost, make the most painful moment for us. But no worries! Apple is working with an amazing device that will help find missing items even faster than a cop.

Here, in this article, we have grabbed all the important details from its features to release date and everything else in one place. Go and get everything about it!

What are Apple AirTags?

It is a rumored tracker that helps the users to keep tabs on all things attached to it so that they can find it easily without getting tensed and feeling hapless. Overall, this device will let you attain the GPS location of the item that you have already attached to the AirTag. You can locate it by using Find My app of Apple.

These Bluetooth enabled tiles can get attached to belongings if you have misplaced it. With this device, it becomes quite easy to discover the items on it. Yes, Bluetooth trackers are available in the market already, but Apple’s AirTags with more advanced technology, are yet to get launched.

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How will AirTags by Apple Look Like?

As per the images revealed in an internal build of iOS 13, it can be clearly said that AirTags would be small in size and circular in shape. It would appear in white with the logo of Apple on the front. These portable devices would be easy to attach to items or might be used in multiple ways. The exact look of AirTags is not yet out, so it might differ from the expectations shared here.

How Does It Work?

AirTags have been featured with Bluetooth Chips within it. These chips will allow finding, and link AirTags to other Bluetooth devices, like, iPad or iPhone. These Airtags work on transmitting the location of lost items to these iPhones, which ultimately helps the users to locate the items quickly.

The items attached to AirTags can be found easily. In the Apple device, the missing items can be set to the Lost Mode. The airbags work by sending contact details of yours to the iPhones that are near to your item. This ultimately helps in discovering lost Airtagged items quickly and conveniently. The owner and finder both will get informed by the AirTag feature.

Apple is featured with U1 ultra wideband chip technology which helps the new iPads and iPhones to find the missing device faster than any other thin the infrastructure of Apple permits Airtags to give absolute and accurate information of the location.

How Can You Track Items with AirTags?

It is quite easy to track items using AirTags. For this, follow the following instructions:

Tap on the new ‘Items’ tab that is present in the ‘Find My App’ available right along with Apple devices. It’s the one-stop-shop for you to find anything that you want to track. The lost item will get shown up on the map. Also, there will be the address on App where those items can easily be tracked.

Here is the briefing of steps you need to follow while using it!

  • Link the AirTag to iCloud account of yours.
  • Now attach this AirTag to luggage, keys or all those items you don’t want to lose at any cost.
  • Whenever your iPhone gets out of or moves out of the AirTag range, you will get it’s notification instantly. This function will help you not to leave it at work or in any other condition.
  • If anyhow you misplaced the item that you have tagged to AirTag then you can discover it easily by using Apple’s ‘Find My’ app to get it located. This app will use AR technology that will direct you to the missing item by using images of balloons.
  • If, anyhow, you were not able to track it by using AirTag, then also you don’t need to worry. In such a case, whenever it gets found by someone else then you will get a notification regarding it. Also, they will receive the notification on their devices along with your contact details. These details will help them return the item directly to you.

Amazing, isn’t it? It will be that simple to find lost items after having AirTags besides you.

Will AirTags Work, If Lost Item is Far Away?

To your surprise, yes, it’s possible to find even far away items too. In that case, you can put that particular item to ‘Lost Mode’ if that cannot be located or is not present nearby your area.

It will work as, if other iPhone user is going or coming across that listed item then that person will quickly able to watch the owner’s (your) contact details. Once contact details are visible, then the founder can give a call or do a text message to you so that you can be informed that your lost item has been found.

Also, you will be notified quickly that an iPhone user has come across your missing stuff. This fantastic feature is the part of iOS 13. It will help to locate the lost Apple device by leveraging Bluetooth.

Official Announcement

airtags are yet to get officially announced by Apple in the market. However, it’s the barrage of rumors and leaks that are ensuring for this new launch by Apple. These rumors have surely caused a stir in the market and tech community abundantly.

As per the expectations, the upcoming AirTag devices will be quite small in size. It might be possible to attach these to an item as well with an attachment point with which it can be easy to make a grip with the device. Moreover, the device will be circular and small in size, as per rumors.

Release Date

The release date is yet to be unveiled. We can’t say when AirTags would be launched in the market. I believe the rumors then it’s launch can be expected shortly or might be early this year.

Rumors also suggest that along with iPhone 11 Pro, AirTags of Apple will be launched, whose release date is nearby September 10.

Expected Price

About the AirTag price range, not much information has been veiled. Tile Trackers are the main competitor to AirTags and it ranges from $20 to $40 as per the model you pick. So, a similar or high price can be expected for AirTags of Apple.

Potentially, the airbag will be affordable as after iPhone 11 launch, Apple is looking to launch upcoming products in affordable ranges. So, it’s the price might also not much as per the expectations.

Bottom Line

Once AirTags will be launched, Apple users will surely get a deep relief from finding the lost items quickly by using this amazing device. Though nothing has been officially announced, changes might be there in the information shared. So, stay tuned with us for instant updates!

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