Apple AirPods Pro Review: Apple at its Best

Apple AirPods Pro Review
Apple don’t need any introduction as it has come up as a milestone in terms of quality and enriched experience with its flawless products. Just like all other Apple products, recently launched Airpods Pro are ruling over the hearts.


The market is brimmed with headphones. But the noise-cancelling features and transparency modes are rare to find and also that of such excellent quality.

Especially when you look at the compact size, then you will find it most convenient & comfortable to wear.

The improvements in this version are evident, and it certainly surpasses the older versions and other rival brands.

Besides all these qualities, it has many more hidden features that you will admire for sure.


  • Engaging Sound Quality
  • Excellent Call Quality
  • Perfect Noise Cancelling
  • Comfortable in Use
  • Wireless Charging Case

Know all about Apple Airpod Pro and get your queries solved here!

What Will You Love in Apple Airpods Pro?

#1. Smaller in Size but Iconic in Looks

Just as earlier, you will witness golf-tee design on the new Airpods but smaller in size. Its design is quite iconic, and users are admiring it on a vast scale.

#2. Battery Performance

Well, the main concern among users is its battery life. As per the estimations, earlier versions were durable for two to three years, but as the size of Airpods Pro is smaller than before, so the battery is expected to work lesser than that.

This fear is lurking in the minds of several users. But battery life is more extended and pleasant. Roughly, it’s listening to time is 4.5 to 5 hours or call time of 3.5 hours. It has a charging capacity of 24 hours.

#3. Voice Blocking

Now the irritating door noise and all other sounds will never disturb you as the latest Airpods Pro will block the noise and deliver a better bass response.

It has been designed so delicately that it seals up the entrance of any noise into your ears and let it enjoy your music to the fullest.

#4. Silicon Eartip

One remarkable addition is silicone ear tips. This visual change is again an attractive central point, and Apple admirers like it much. It’s much comfortable to wear and secure as well.

#5. All Time Listener- Siri

So your attendee is always ready to take your orders. Siri is readily available to follow what you say, like, ‘pause music,’ ‘call mom’ or whatever order do you give them.

The earbuds stems have touch control build in it that allows you to control the music playback, turn on the noise-cancelling or turn it off, answer a call, and many other commands without even speaking a word and even without keeping the phone out of the pocket.

#6. Noise- Shut It Out or Let It Come In

These noise-cancelling headphones, you get the option to cancel the noise entirely or let it come into your ears. The total charge is in your hands.

The experience of keeping earbuds within ears is quite impressive & comfortable. Now bustling environ of ofi=fice, buses, traffic, streets and all can easily be kept at bay with the help of these earbuds.

#7. Impressive Call Quality

The call quality is outstanding. It cancels background noise impressively and even handles out the windy conditions later.

Even if you sit right next to the engine of the bus, you will not get interrupted in any way and can attend the call just as the caller is sitting beside you to talk.

#8. Fully Detailed

The tiniest detailing of the Airpods pro is worth praising. It bestows you with clear and detailed features that are worth your pennies spent on it.

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Right Way to Use Airpods Pro!

The very first thing you should look for is the right ear tip size. The reason is the rest of the experience relies on the appropriate size.

So, if it’s too small or big, then you wouldn’t be able to have a quality experience.

After getting the right size fitting correctly to your ear canal, your next step would be to get acquainted with a few features of new Airpods so that you can use it properly.

So, here are the ways to use it’s various features correctly. Read it and enjoy the soothing music experience right away.

#1. Use of Transparency Mode

Transparency mode, as already explained, let you hear the surrounding sounds, which helps you to join the conversation with your fellow being or help you not to miss your stop and many other benefits.

  • To enter this mode, press for long the stem.

#2. Way to Play Music

  • With a single squeeze, you can play or pause the music.
  • With a double squeeze, you will be able to skip the next song.
  • With a triple squeeze, you can skip the next song.

#3. Ear Tip Fitting Setting

To check whether ear tip in your ear correctly, you need to do Bluetooth settings. For this:

  • Open up Bluetooth settings and find here ‘i’ icon and tap on it.
  • You will be navigated to more options, like, rename option, control ANC to on or off it.
  • Hold on each of earbuds while customising the function of tap.
  • Now do the earbud fitting test.

By doing so, you will be able to check whether it is correct earbud or other functions are working correctly or not.

Voice Clarity Check on Different Modes of transportation

We have tested the voice quality on varied transportation modes to check the feasibility of the device.

It will surely help you opt for the Airpods Pro matching your requirements. Check it here!

#1. Via Plane

As you know, an abundance of noises disturbs a passenger travelling via plane. Having soundproof earphones in such a situation is a blessing.

Being a regular passenger of a plane, you might be spying for these kinds of earbuds. Fortunately, you get this feature in Apple Airpods Pro, and they pass the test of noise cancelling.

It muffles the plane engine noise and helps you get sound sleep or enjoy music throughout your excursion.

#2. Via Train

Trains are quite noisy and don’t allow you to sleep or even listen to your music correctly. In that case, Airpods Pro has successfully passed the test.

The earbuds are comfortable and sound good. The earbuds do an excellent job during train travel and drown out all the conversations arising around you.

However, at the high pitched sound, especially when the train is at a screeching halt, then you might find it somewhat ineffective.

But that’s completely okay with it as that sound is quite high and perhaps any other earbud will not be able to cancel that noise.

#3. Via Road

Airpods Pro is quite good to use on the streets. While on the streets, you need to stay active and should be able to listen to the cars crossing you, right?

So here Airpods pro helps you remain safe by having some noise heard while crossing the streets.

You can turn on the transparency mode that helps you to get enough sound to reach you.


Q: Is It Good for Taking Phone Conversations?

A: Airpods Pro consists of transparency mode, which is worthy of phone conversations.

The voice of people sounds so clear and loud that you will keep it with yourself all the time. The user will be able to listen to himself that helps him stay more confident and mindful while enunciating words.

For the frequent calls, you can undoubtedly rely on Airpods Pro for its exquisite quality.

Q: Can I Hear the Sounds Around Me?

A: Yes, of course! The noise-cancelling feature will give you the experience of listening to what you want to listen to uninterruptedly, but if you’re going to hear the sounds around you, then you can also get it in these new Apple Airpods.

For this, you need to check the stem and press & hold here the force sensor. Press it to jump between transparency mode and active noise cancellation feature.

It will allow the things around you to sound and let you feel natural & hear when you talk to another one.

Q: Why Should I Buy It?

A: Well, the reasons are many, and its qualities will not let you go for any other option. Still, the following persons must buy Apple Airpods Pro because it will serve their needs in a better way.

  • The users who were aspiring to have wireless earbuds will get amazed by the specialities of Apple Airpods Pro. For the latest iPhone generations, this is the best wireless earbuds beyond any doubt.
  • It would be the best pick for the Airpods enthusiasts looking for an active noise cancelling feature. This feature is rare to find, so they will love having it.
  • Another category is of cardio and gym lovers; they will love having these earbuds as besides noise dropping, Apple Airpods Pro are sweat resistant as well.

Even other people who appreciate these qualities will admire having these new Apple Airpods by their side.

Q: What’s the Airpod Pro Price?

A: The Airpod Pro price is highly contrasting to other brands and older versions. However, the price is entirely worth it, as the features are quite impressive.

So, you will not hesitate to spend this much by getting outstanding features of Airpods.

Bottom Line

Apple Airpod Pro is quite excellent in use and appearance too. The sound quality is good, and its noise controlling feature is well evident.

You can surely buy it. It’s a package of comfortable, compact, and practical wireless earbuds.

All its features make it even more remarkable during use. With best sound quality, Airpods pro is all here to serve all your expectations regarding a quality Airpod.

The batteries are irreplaceable. So, it might be a downfall in the future because the battery would work hard for two to three years.

So, if you are okay with it and ready to buy the new Airpods all over again after this much time, then Apple Airpods Pro is a fantastic option for you.

You should go for it and get this premium version to your side soon. Get it, fetch it, and have a wondrous experience of calls and music! Good luck!

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