10 Best AirPods Max Accessories for 2021

Best AirPods Max Accessories

Sound. A powerful weapon. Though not part of the five senses, it may as well be considered an underrated sixth sense. If it has started wars, it has stopped too. It has overturned decisions in a split second. In this article, we will be looking into AirPods Max accessories with all the information that you will need to fell in love with.

The tonality and modulation of what you choose to listen to feeds your subconscious and eventually pours through your actions.

What you listen to matters just as how you listen to it. The quality and the rhythm of it makes or breaks it. Whether it is a simple melody or EDM, the means defines calibre.

Apple’s AirPods Max is a huge tune-up in the audio world. They have changed the industry of anything sound dynamically.

You using AirPods Max are now a part of that high-powered world. And, you would undoubtedly improve your experience of it in whichever manner possible.

AirPods Max Accessories boost your sound experiences to the maximum and take care of your precious AirPods Max.

10 Best AirPods Max Accessories for 2021

The function of an Accessory is to compliment the product and magnify its first-rate qualities. However, these can easily pile up if not purchased with a rational mind.

This list of 10 best AirPods Max Accessories will give you a wide spectrum of potential accessories for you to buy and not buy.

1. Waterfield Designs’ AirPods Max Shield Case

1. Waterfield Designs’ AirPods Max Shield Case

After a party, you are completely exhausted and do not have the energy to move even your pinky. Even though you are running low on battery, do you just chuck your jewellery in your drawer and go to sleep? Of course not. You, with extra care and delicacy, place them back into their safe cases and then hit the bed with no worries about your precious jewels.

The significance you give to an object you love is what makes you go miles to keep them protected. Hence, your love for AirPods Max deserves the same enthusiasm of shielding as your ornaments.

A case’s main purpose is to protect whatever you keep in it. And that purpose’s prospects should be top-notch and uncompromising.

AirPods Max has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. However, to safeguard its liability Waterfield Designs’ AirPods Max Shield Case is the pick of the bunch.

Though reviewers have cracked jokes on its appearance, you need to reap its attributes and turn deaf to those who prefer appearance over substance.

The USP of this Shield Case is its power-saving mode when AirPods Max are kept in it. The ‘Magnetic Butterfly’ automatically changes the AirPods Max to low power consumption mode and saves you from constant recharging. 

For the Magnetic Butterfly to work, you do not need to remove the AirPods Max cover specifically. Instead, simply toss it in, and the Shield Case will do its work.

This Shield Case has an extra zipper and a mesh pocket on either face. You can keep your cables in any or both of these.

2. Toluho’s Headband AirPods Max Protection

2. Toluho’s Headband AirPods Max Protection

Back in the 80s, when the headband was a ‘thing,’ they were considered the stepping stone to a new fashion era. And, in 2021, that hunch has certainly taken a physical form, although not in the way they had imagined.

Aside from being a fashion statement, in general, headbands are known to be protective in function. They do not allow the cold winter air to enter your ears. 

This concept, with slight tweaks, has been incorporated in the AirPods Max. 

The Toluho Headband Protection gives your AirPods Max a firm grip over your head. So you can wear them while riding a bike or jogging, without the fear of them falling off of your head.

The mesh structure of the Headband gives your scalp and hair the breathing space needed when you are wearing the AirPods Max for long hours. This prevents sweat accumulation and itching.

And of course, the style factor of it which will turn heads is one pro you will undoubtedly look forward to.

3. Seltureone’s AirPods Max Earcup Protectors

3. Seltureone’s AirPods Max Earcup Protectors

Sneaking in through your back door after a late night and accidentally dropped your AirPods Max? The ringing of its aluminum earcups reverberates through the silent night. And then comes the glass-breaking screech of your parents, scolding for coming home this late.

Well, the chances of the above nightmare turning to reality are not so far-fetched. Of course, you and I both know that, but of course, we do not admit it. 

Now, for the solution of avoiding ear-splitting (not from your AirPods Max, for sure) shouts and late-night disasters.

You may be surprised, but the answer is just to get yourself Seltureone AirPods Max Earcup Protectors. These fit perfectly to your AirPods Max’s earcups, cushioning them if they experience a collision with other surfaces.

Additionally, they keep the AirPods Max’s earcups scratch and spill-free by acting as a barrier between the two. 

All in all, you are not guilty, and your AirPods Max’s will still be you and not in prison, which is otherwise called your parents’ drawers.

4. Aukey’s Swift 30W Dual Port USB-C AirPods Max Charger

4. Aukey’s Swift 30W Dual Port USB-C AirPods Max Charger

Charging; unanimously claimed to be the most annoying thing about using gadgets. The same holds for AirPods Max.

It’s especially frustrating when you are in a hurry, and your AirPods Max chooses precisely that moment to show that it’s running low on battery, almost as if to mock you. On top of that, your iPhone also decides to display its bad influence in the same company as your AirPods Max.

Two devices are heading towards a coma, and you have only one charger. That is a dire situation to be in, surely.

However, owing the Aukey Swift 30W Dual Port USB-C Charger will, just like its name suggests, ‘swiftly’ tackle both the devices and gives its dual ports for charging both the devices at one time.

This affordable and affirmable handy item is portable and does not take up much space. You can simply keep it on your office table or bedroom nightstand without ensuing chaos of things among the already present items.

5. Aihual’s AirPods Max Charging Stand

5. Aihual’s AirPods Max Charging Stand

The ideal rest position of your AirPods Max is, yes, I know, you were going to say your head, but other than the obvious answer, it is a Charging Stand.

AirPods Max is meant to stay upright. Of course, you do have the option of keeping them flat/horizontal on any surface, but the former is much preferred.

Also, when you have the option of charging and resting simultaneously, isn’t it kind of a buy 1 get 1 free offer? So, therefore, Charging Stands are the best bed bunks for your AirPods Max.

The Aihual AirPods Max Charging Stand is a three-dimensional trapezium-shaped structure. The AirPods are slides vertically over it, and then a magnetic strap covers the earcups, and your charging begins.

The Charging Stand is light in weight and easy to carry. You can put it in your travel bag without it occupying a larger space than necessary.

6. Apple’s Lighting to 3.5mm AirPods Max Audio Jack Cable

6. Apple’s Lighting to 3.5mm AirPods Max Audio Jack Cable

Not a wireless fan or not used to listening to your favorite playlist without twirling the wire around your fingers? Apple understands that old habits die hard. Therefore they have come up with the perfect solution. 

You now have the option of using both wireless and wired AirPods Max. With Apple’s Lighting to 3.5mm Audio Jack Cable, you can now wire-connect your AirPods Max with your iPhone sans Bluetooth.

A selected part of the Apple users community has claimed to have better entertainment with wired AirPods Max than the opposite. This shows that your doubt about missing out on your AirPods Max’s true potential has crossed out.

What’s more, is that the fact that they are even better performing with a wire attached to it. 

Volume control is another factor that you can better control in wired AirPods Max than wireless. Be it in the middle of a jam-packed traffic road or a soft lullaby to put you to sleep; the sound modulation is on par.

7. Anker PowerCore Slim AirPods Max Power Bank

7. Anker PowerCore Slim AirPods Max Power Bank

The worst dawn of thought is the occurrence of it to you that by some unknown black magic or paranormal activity, you have forgotten to take your charger to this weekend’s trekking. Your headbanging is not helpful either.

However, you did have the sense to pack the Anker PowerCore Slim AirPods Max Power Bank. Who knew you could forget things and have an unintentional backup.

Slim and thin, this Anker PowerCore features 10,000mAh (Woah! That’s a lot in something that’s described as ‘slim’) and dual ports. With its enormous reserves, it can charge low-power-consuming gadgets faster than its usual rates.

It can be mistaken for a phone look-alike, almost like a doppelganger. Since it can charge your iPhone too, someone watching you carry it may think of you as a dual phone owner. 

Impressionable and utilitarian. A win-win situation for you.

8. EURPMASK AirPods Max Hanger

8. EURPMASK AirPods Max Hanger

The story’s the same with every device you own. For example, you claim you kept it on your coffee table in the living room, only to find that they somehow ended up under it and not on, after turning the whole house upside down.

Now you have to deal with two things. First, get your house back to how it was before your Mom returns from work, and then get over the emotional trauma of wasted time and not watching the movie you were so looking forward to this weekend.

Do not want to repeat this trademark story the next weekend and the weekend after that? Then stop sulking and buy yourself a EURPMASK AirPods Max Hanger.

Once you have it, fix it onto your study desk, easily visible and reachable to you. Then, hang the AirPods Max in that, and be stress-free for the rest of the ownership of those AirPods Max.

The EURPMASK AirPods Max Hanger is a table adaptable (no pun intended) type of hanger. You fix the screw-free spring-aided clamp onto the desktop. 

With this, you even have the option of hanging your AirPods Max poking out of the underside of the table or safely tucked under it.

Since it has a rotating arm, you can pull the hanger out, take the AirPods Max, use them, put them back in and then push the hanger back in its table cave. Safe and secure.

9. Twelve South’s AirFly Pro AirPods Max Dongle

9. Twelve South’s AirFly Pro AirPods Max Dongle

Is Dongle your ‘bae’? (before anything else) And, are you best comfortable with a wireless route of enjoying music? Then you would be glad to know that your AirPods Max is about to have a ‘bae’ (before anyone else) of their own.

Twelve South’s AirFly Pro Dongle does not falter in its features. This establishes a stable connection between your AirPods Max and Music Player. For example, iPhone, iMac, iPad, etc.

This music player can be any device capable of storing and playing with a Bluetooth connectivity option. Therefore, the quality of the music player is independent of the quality of the music being played.

It is named ‘AirFly’ to emphasize its usage, especially in air travel. Heavy-duty gadgets are not something you wish to carry on top of your heavy exhaustion. Hence, the Dongle is the perfect glove for your fingers.

10. Linkidea Protective AirPods Max Travel Case

10. Linkidea Protective AirPods Max Travel Case

The risk-taker and adventure are skeptical and second-guessing themself on whether or not you can take your close to heart AirPods Max in the dangerous mountains and fast-flowing water? Worry not. 

Linkidea Protective Travel Case is custom-made for such activities. Its hard shell protects all types of nicks, cuts, and scrapes you experience in such long journeys.

Waterproofed covering is its most winsome trait. Along with that, it is fall-breaking and protecting.

Using Linkidea Protective Travel Case is sure to carry your AirPods Max to its best safety except for the baggage of stress. So you will just have to leave it at your place and travel stress-free. And I am pretty sure you are certainly up for that.

To Conclude

Do you know why the job of a Stylist is so demanding? It is because it’s their final say that declares whether a model has even a single accessory under or over. What is worth it and what is not.

The gravity of too many cooks spoils the broth is often taken too lightly. However, this is what is actually of the essence, not numbers over ability.

Therefore, keep yourself on track while checking different items and not flow in the ocean of AirPods Max Accessories.

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