7 Easy Solutions To Fix AirPods Case not Charging Issue

AirPods Case Not Charging

It is not a doubt to say that the Apple Airpods have been one to give any other buds present a run for their performance. Being a cool invention by the company, you can basically do anything and everything with the Airpods from making calls to listening to music via the Siri function incorporated in the buds.

Now, being a wireless device, you may have faced an issue with the Airpods not charging when put back in their case. Usually, a low battery is indicated by a significant beep for which the user may put the pods back in the case but if you see that the charging process has not begun, we brought you this article to fix the Airpod Case not charging issue.

Why is my AirPods Case not Charging?

Before going about to check on how to fix the Airpod case not charging the earbuds, let us see what all reasons may cause this issue to occur:

  • Build up of dirt in your AirPod case.
  • Power outlet faults.
  • Chargers that are not compatible with your case.
  • The case not getting charged instead the Airpods inside are.
  • The issue in the Hardware of the Case.
  • Outdated firmware may cause the case to not work properly.
  • A bug in the iOS software.
  • Connectivity issues.

Apple has provided a self-charging case that stores battery for the Pods to be charged when they are running low on battery so if your case is giving you trouble with charging your pods then we have brought you the 7 different methods to fix the AirPod case not charging issue.

  1. Change your USB cable

Any defect in the USB cable which you use to connect your Case to the charger may be a cause of this issue to arise as well. We may not recommend you to use any other USB cable but the one provided by Apple for the best compatibility with the case.

AirPods Case Not Charging

If you think that you may have a faulty connection between the charger and the port, then we recommend you unplug the charger and remove the cable before insert it back in tightly. Now you can try to connect the cable to the case and try to switch on the charger to check whether the case is charging or not.

If the problem persists, you can try to change the USB cable with a fresh one and check for the issue again. But if the cable is completely fine and your Airpod case is still not charging, then we suggest you look through another solution mentioned in the article.

  1. Try another charger/outlet

Another problem that may arise if your AirPod case is not charging maybe the electrical outlet that provides charge to your devices. There may be instances that your outlet has eroded away or has reached its potential limitations due to which you may have to change it to restore the functions.

You can try connecting the charger to a different power supply outlet instead. Simply just plug your charger into the socket and plug the other end of the cable in your AirPod case. Switch on the power outlet and check whether your case is charging or not.

Another problem may be the charger itself for which you need to replace it with a new one and check whether the problem persists or not. If you use any converter, splitter, or extender to use various connections at once, we recommend you to not do that and simply connect your case to one single power source to avoid the case not charging issue.

  1. Reset Your AirPods Case

Troubleshooting your case may be one way to fix any underlying software problems your AirPod case may be facing. Resetting your AirPod case will clear it off of any glitches that may not be allowing your AirPod case to not charge.

AirPods Case

To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Turn your case over.
  • Locate the small reset button behind and press on it.
  • Wait for the light to turn orange then let go of the button.
  • If the reset is successful then you will be shown a flashing white light.

Once you have confirmed a factory reset of your case, try to see whether it is charging your buds or not.

  1. Clean the AirPods case charging port

Chances of your AirPod case not responding properly may be due to the development of dirt and debris inside. These little particles may cause trouble in small connection points due to which you may face the case of not charging issue.

The main point where most of the dirt gets collected in the charging portal of your case. It serves as the crucial connection between the charging cable and the case so, in order to clean it up, you can use a small cotton swab dipped in some alcohol and sweep the dirt out.

You may also want to clean the case from the inside out by using a microfibre towel and rub it clean. Make sure to not use water as it may harm your case from working at all and result in rust formation in the metal linings of the case.

After you have done the job of giving a cleaning session to your case, connect it to the charger and check whether it is charging or not.

  1. Use A QI certified charger

A Qi-certified charger is a wireless charger that is mostly compatible with almost all devices to provide wireless charging to it.

You may try the wireless charger provided by Apple to charge your case if your case port has gone through some malfunctions due to which your normal USB cable is unable to charge it.

  1. Update AirPods firmware

You may want to try updating the AirPods firmware via your iPhone to remove any glitches or bugs that may be bothering your buds. To do this, simply pair your pods to your device and follow the given steps:

  • Go to the general settings.
  • Click on the About tab.
  • Locate the AirPod named tab and click on it.

You’ll see the firmware number on the about page, simply note it down and check on the internet for the latest firmware version of the AirPods.

After you have checked with the version, if it is outdated then you can simply wait for your pods to update on their own as you cannot do it manually. You may try to restart your device and reset your pods to see whether your Firmware has updated or not.

  1. Replace AirPods Case

Some people usually prefer to protect their AirPod case using an outer case which may give trouble to your USB cable to connect to the port hence affecting the transmission of power between the adapter and case.

We would recommend you remove any outer covering that might interrupt your case from charging. Now if the problem persists, we would say just get a replacement for your AirPod case to get your buds from remaining dead all day long.


The problem with the AirPod case not charging may be a fairly common one but not something which cannot be dealt with. It is no big deal that you’d want your buds to have more uptime and less running around for charge if your case fails you in this matter. The last way to approach this issue is to get help from Apple support otherwise we hope this article has been helpful for you to fix the AirPod case not charging issue with ease.

FAQs on AirPods Case not Charging

  1. Why is my AirPod case not charging but my AirPods are?

Your case may have reached its potential of storing charge for your buds due to which it may not be charging anymore but if your buds are on low power, the case is helping your buds to charge up.

  1. How do I know if the AirPods case is charging?

When your case is charging, you will notice an amber light flash which denotes that your case is low on power and is charging. After it is fully charged, the little bulb will glow a green color to denote it is ready to be carried for the rest of the day.

  1. Can you leave the AirPods case charging overnight?

Yes, you can leave the case charging overnight as it will not cause any damage to the battery since the case stops charging after it is fully charged.

  1. How long does the AirPods case take to charge?

It usually takes about 15 mins for the AirPods to charge which will ensure you of 3 hours of playback time and 11 hours of talking time which is a good thing for its quick motives.

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